Case Studies


Responding to Changing Market Conditions

Lea Laman

SVP - Client Services and Operations

December 31, 2021


The mortgage industry experienced another record-breaking year in 2021 spurred by low interest rates and skyrocketing demand for new homes. This resulted in increasing volume demands on CSS as mortgage originations and mortgage-backed securities hit record numbers. On top of record volumes, CSS, working with the Government-Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) made continual improvements and technology enhancements to ensure that the Enterprises’ mortgage loan refinance programs continued to provide necessary help to homeowners during the pandemic.


CSS’s Common Securitization Platform, which administers agency mortgage-backed securities, provided critical support for relief programs that kept families in homes and supported the post-COVID economic recovery. Built on cloud technology, the Common Securitization Platform was designed to handle such changing market conditions in real-time; the platform is scalable, flexible, and adaptable.). CSS provided critical support for homeownership relief programs including ReFi Now and ReFi Possible and while introducing enhanced functionality for greater ease of use and transparency for investors.

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